The diary of a pit bull puppy

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Had some great wet walks this weekend.
Loved to play in the puddles and all the leaves were great to hide in.
I went a little whacko. Ran circles around my moms.
I found out if I bite on the leash - the choke chain doesn't work right and I don't gag.
I am so smart it surprises me.

I also played with my friend Sadie and she ran loose and circles around me.
Her Mom lets her run loose.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I usually chew on books, magazines & newspapers but this cone on my head has made me read them instead. I will suggest these books to my 2 Moms and they may learn a few things about taking care of me. Look at the Book Covers on the right.
When I get tired of reading, I can use my old Mom's library card and laptop and listen to a book. This may be easier with this cone on my head. I am going to listen to "Marley" by John Grogran. I hear from my pals at Puppy Kindegarten that it is a good book but has a sad ending.
When I get done, I will write a RUFF-view.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My moms picked me up from the doc last night and I was so happy to see them. The drugs were still working. They got this cream named “Yuk” to apply to my stitched area and it tastes terrible.

I walk a little different now - I have a cool dog strut. I am going to “chill in my crib” with the cone on my head for awhile and take it easy! I am on the cover of the magazine “Bad Bad Dog- What ya going do..” – read the article for more information about my experience.

I told my obsessive mom that I would bite her if she took a photo of me with my cone head.
She knows not to mess with the new “Bad Bad Dog” RUFF!
“My BFMs” also bought me a new black studded leather collar.
More Bling Bling to impress the ladies. Notice my more mature bark now. RUFF! RUFF!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

MY SPECIAL DAY IS HERE. My 6 Month Birthday and MORE.

Today is the day I get "fixed." What a birthday present?

The doc gave me some drugs and I enjoyed the colors and stars. This is the way I looked in my dream ! WOW !
Everything was in slow motion. I got “my pockets picked” if you get my gist and I couldn’t even file a police report.
My photo created at this site:

My Pocono Weekend- Nov 7-10

I walked every day in Hickory Run State Park. I am now wearing a choke collar so I don’t yank my old Mom’s arm out of the socket. I try not to pull too hard or I choke myself. I saw many birds and some deer. I would love to chase after them but the leash won’t let me get too close.

Played in the lake and streams. My old mom took me on the Hawk Falls Trail, Gould Trail, Beach Trail and Deer Trail. I got plenty of exercise. When we got home, I watched the fire in fireplace and got too close and burned by cheek. Ouch. I also took a dip in the hot tub- didn’t like it and jumped out with a big splash.

I now can jump out of the Jeep because I am getting bigger. I still need help getting in it.