The diary of a pit bull puppy

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I got another compliment from a camper from Exeter,PA and he said Mom should write a book about me. Mom said she has... and I have ablog too. Mom lost her glasses in Outerbanks KOA- her glass case fell out of her purse and she picked up her case but no glasses. She called the office and they found them and it just so happens that one of their employees is coming to this Virginia Beach KOA that we are at and he will deliver them to us tonight or tomorrow. Amazing.... Mom was very happy. She had to go to grocery store and get one of those cheap pairs so she could get on Internet and see the words. See ya soon all my PA friends soon. Weekend will be in Delaware with Sharon, my young mom and Khlea, my best friend dog and there will be no wifi. Our RV trip is almost over and we will be home soon.... Yahoo... no chains - a fenced in yard. The K9 Kamp was fun here and Mom gave me a long walk.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Mom saw some neat things today: Drive Thru Beer Distributor, A Food Bank called "Lifeboat", and a beautiful house named "The Rose with a pink rose painted on it."(reminded me of Rosie, one of mom's bff) She also found a place she used to stay with her family 30 years ago and Sharon and Brian were here when babies. Different name but still there in Nags head. Nags Head is alot different now- not sure Mom wants to coome back. I saw lighthouses and a big dune too and lots of water. I slept through most of it.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Yesterday we stayed in Hubert,NC and 2 dogs almost came in our camper's screen door to get me. Not very friendly. Mom grabbed my prong collar to keep me from going through screen door to meet them after they got in my space. Hurt Mom's hand... Today on our way to Outerbanks - " Ace's stop and shop"- a gift shop - cute name. it's sign had a deck of cards on it.
It is so windy here - my ears are blowing up and look silly- I need a hoodie. The sand gets me all excited and I jump around and play.... Mom thinks it is funny. Staying near the ocean so it is super windy and cold. My ears are flying up - how embarassing.