The diary of a pit bull puppy

Thursday, September 16, 2010

DAY CARE - 2 places

I am so lucky- I am going to 2 days at different day care places. Monday - I go to Toby's K9 Kamp and Wednesday- I go to Wagsworth Manor. My first day at Wagsworth was yesterday. Mom got an e-mail during the day to let her know - I was doind OK. She was as nervous as I was at a new place. I also got a report card. Here is what it said " Ace's first day with our play group simply was fantastic!" Ryan- my handler helped me to make new friends.

I made three- Riley - a female boxer, Hollywood- a female English boxer and Lucky , a male Lab mix. I also went swimming with Max and Rocky. I was a little scared of the steps in the pool but I loved swimming once I was got in the water.

I want to go back next Wednesday.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Busy week for me

Two day cares- Monday at Toby's K9 Kamp and Wednesday at Wagsworth Manor.
Thursdays and Fridays - I usually play all day with Khlea - my best pal. I had a visit to the vet last week for all my shots and Mom had to muzzle me again. I don't like the vet - she always sticks with needles. Noone would like that? Mom held me and said - everything was all right then we went home. I was so happy to be at home again. I like my home and feel so lucky to have a good master. I kiss her every morning to wake her up!!!