The diary of a pit bull puppy

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I can count on my paw the times in my short life that I have been looked down on because of my breed. My owner and I are getting fed up with it.
Let me tell you about the events so you will think first before you say something about me.
1. Puppy K incident: the instructor said to the owner of a Jack Russell puppy- " Now you can tell everyone your puppy played with a pit bull" . Another time she said " I would be hard to train because I am a pit bull" . The instructor needs to judge me and not my breed. I would like to spray her with her "Bad dog" water bottle!
2. At Hickory Run State park -a family walked past (parents and 2 children) my owner and I were on the trail and the kids asked what kind of dog I was and my owner said proudly "a pit bull". The mother said "Oh.. in a negative tone and said quietly to the kids " to keep moving"
3. At a park in West Goshen, a owner walking her small dog towards us , abruptly turned and went the other way when she saw me and my owner calmly walking near the playground. She also gave me the look that I didn't belong there.
4. My owner was telling a friend on the phone that she slept with me every night and the person said " Is that safe?"
My owner is great and reassures me every day -"that I am a good boy" and " pitbulls have a bad reputation and it is the owners that are bad not the breed."

I am getting so frustrated that I want to WOOF LOUDLY that "pitbulls are nice dogs too". Give me a chance to get to know you. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


My obsessive mom took these photos of me and insisted that I put them on my blog or she wouldn't give me my milkbones. Bribery will get her what she wants. You don't bite the hands that feed you. These photos are so embarassing but I am tired today after playing so much at Puppy 1st grade last night with Reilly and Murphy. My old mom also had me doing 10,000 steps with her today so I am dog tired. Nighty Night!!

Monday, January 12, 2009


My obsessive old mom got a new toy that I can use too. It is an MP3 player that she can clip on her belt. It is bright pink- Not my favorite color - I am a cool dude- remember!
Then the earphones can go on my ears or hers whoever wants to listen to the book or music. This isn't quite as good as a chew bone from Petco but it will do.
She better share or there will be biting and NO "Mommy kisses".
She sync-ed a book called " The Dogs who found Me" by Ken Foster to our MP3 player so I will be listening to that this week on our walks and maybe when I am chillin' in my crib if you get what I mean.