The diary of a pit bull puppy

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Wow!!! I am busy this month- I am going to Puppy Day Care at Toby's K9 Kamp, going to Puppy First Grade and 2 doggy parks. I go to the one on Route 100 near the skate park and another one in Downingtown on Lloyd Ave and there is water to play in there. A big mud puddle and a creek.

I also had my first bath today ( My old mom used her body gel and now I smell like a cucumber or watermelon or some girly smell like that) after my muddy adventure at the doggy park. I would rather she would have used Old Spice at least and not this fruity sweet stuff. I tried to roll around in dirt after my bath but she stopped me. 

Here are some adventure shots of me ( Yes , it is all about me!) and some shots when I was sleeping and dog tired.