The diary of a pit bull puppy

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I didn't get to go to Puppy K because of the bad weather so I want some interaction with other dogs. I am so tired of my little cat friends. All they do is hiss and claw me. I want to play with a dog. I acted rammy and wanted to go out alot so my moms decided to take me to the Dog Park. I went 3 days in a row. I had alot of fun there. I ran and played ball with all kinds of dogs. Some were friendly and others tried to bite or hump me. My mom(s) were watching me closely so that I would not get hurt or hurt anyone else.

When we left 2 large dogs came in and all they did was bark and growl. We could here them from the WaWa where we got coffee to warm ourselves up. I am glad I didn't try to play with them. Friday, I think I am going to Toby's K9 Day Care and that means a whole day of playing with new friends. I am sleeping and snoring tonight and going to bed early so I can play alot tomorrow. Good night to you all..... Pleasant dreams....I want to dream about food and having fun.

I went to Day Care for a half day and had many friends to play with. I played with larger dogs and smaller ones. I got a report card and did OK for my first day. I want to go again if my moms will drive me. I hope they will take me so I can run around and have fun. I want to Play, Explore , Discover and Learn new skills.

Monday, January 19, 2009


My old mom took me on a car ride to do her errands. We went to the car wash and the attendants wouldn't let us get out of the car so we rode through the car wash. This was the coolest car ride - all the brushes and sprays coming at the car and then 3 guys were drying off the windows and looking at us & smiling.
We both felt so special!
Then we went on a long walk in Marsh Creek State Park on the bike trail. The lake was frozen and people were ice skating, ice fishing and just sliding around on the lake. The only scary part was that there was a hunter in the woods with us and he had a gun. I watched him carefully.
My moms also let me stay in the house during their movie night out and shopping trip. I was a good boy and didn't chew anything or get in the trash. Maybe I won't have to stay in the basement at all soon. I love to sleep on the bed, the recliner or the sofa.