The diary of a pit bull puppy

Saturday, October 24, 2009


My old mom is having a fence built in the backyard for Klea and I. Then we can run around free without those damn chains. They are always getting tangled up and such a pain in the neck. ( If you get my drift) The permit from the township was torn up and chewed on by Klea. It looks funny hanging on the porch. Duct tape was hangin out of Klea's mouth- stuck to her jaw. Mom had to pull it off. Of course I didn't touch it- it was Khlea.... Bad girl....

Khlea got loose this morning also and mom had to chase her over the neighborhood- she had bare feet and shorts on and her hair was all wacky but she caught Khlea and tied her up. Once again. Bad girl......Khlea is having a bad day....

Sunday, Khlea was quiet again and guess what she was chewing on again? 2 guesses and the first two do not count. My mom nailed the permit for the fence up higher and Khlea jumped up and got it and chew it in a handful of pieces. There is not enough of it left to tape together and hang. Mom will have to go get another copy.

Khlea is having a bad weekend. I distracted mom by kissing her on her face and Khlea went to another room in the house. I am trying to keep the peace... but it is a tough job