The diary of a pit bull puppy

Thursday, June 18, 2009


One word describes each photo:
Noisy, Tired, Wet, and Handsome


I have been so busy this summer. I am a regular at the 2 dog parks in the area now. People know me by name. They call me "Ace" and "Ace Ventura" and laugh at me because I like to be friendly with all their dogs. My mom keeps forgetting to take pictures.

The most confusing experience was at the dog park in West Goshen Township near the skate park when there was another dog named Ace there and the family kept calling him and talking about Ace and I got confused "who to listen to". One guy joked that we now had a pair of Aces.

I love the swimming in the creek at Lloyd Ave Park and it is fun to get dirty. Already had one bath before I could go in the house- I was a dirty dog. Mom sprayed me with the hose and shampooed me up and then used dog wipes on my face. I love her...but don't tell her - I have a sensitive side.

The new sit on top kayak is roomy and I can see everything and move around.

I also went to Poconos last weekend and went to my first Flea market. A dog at a Flea market is so funny- I thought "Why is she taking me there- I don't want fleas!" but now I understand she like bargains and shopping.