The diary of a pit bull puppy

Friday, January 22, 2010


I had an exhausting week. I went on a walk around a strip mall on Main Street Exton and near the WaWa and also visited my favorite Petco and got treats from the register people. Then Khlea and I went to Day Care at Toby's K9 kamp and also training there. I am really tired today. Old Mom had to drag me out of bed today so she could go to work. All I want to do is sleep so Khlea better be good and quiet or I will have to let her know who is the pack leader.

I am a grumpy old boy when I am tired. No playing with tug toys or loud barking.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Long weekend with old mom in Poconos. Our new dishwasher was delivered and I got tied outside so the workman could do his work in the kitchen. I got the patio door open and went inside and scared the workman and he hid behind the dishwasher. It was so funny that I just stared at him and didn't growl. He was yelling for old mom to come get me. Now guess what - I am locked outside and can't get the door open. It was so funny - a grown man scared of me!!!

I am so bad.....Then later we went on a walk and a little cocker spaniel dog(like the one above) came running at me and the owner went crazy because the dog wouldn't come to her and she couldn't get the dog to behave. I actually didn't even realize what was happenning because old mom was hiding my face in her legs and doing a body block so I wouldn't see the dog. I wasn't barking or acting mean at all until that little dog growled at me and then I growled back. I wish people would tie up their dogs or at least be able to control them.

I was on my leash and behaving and the other owner was not following the rules.
What's a dog to do.... when other dogs growl in their faces...

I also got in the trash which I never do at home but old mom left the lid loose and I opened the door so I figured - why not the trash can? Mom didn't like me doing that and she smacked me on my butt. I guess she was mad. We are friends again.