The diary of a pit bull puppy

Saturday, February 26, 2011


I like this campsite- shade and trees. Some family is here and their little boy wants to play with me. I would rather not. Mom will have to watch and make sure the little guy bikes and plays with his brother and parents and not me. Went to Curry Hammock State park which is real close and has kayaks to rent and beautiful area- well kept and clean area.

Friday, February 25, 2011


I was going to Miami Ink today to get a tattoo but no dogs allowed. I am tired of not being allowed to do things. Found a beach where I could walk in the soft sand and see the beautiful ocean and people having fun para-sailing and playing in the ocean. I am dog tired and going to bed- had enough excitement for one day.


A visitor from PA came to explore Florida with us. We went to some beaches yesterday and then Mom and Donna ate at a fancy seafood restaurant and I slept in the cool shaded car. The parking guy made sure I was OK and gave me a biscuit. He was a nice guy. Today we are going to Miami and explore the area. it is cool and breezy right now. We all slept good in the rv- I shared my space.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I almost passed out -so hot. I ate grass so I got sick of course. Mom forced me to go in rv for rest and cool air. I am feeling better. Mom also needed a rest from the heat. Drove Alligator alley but no alligator sightings. Almost ran out of gas but finally found a place- that GPS is a life saver for us. All checked in at rv site and set up. Ft Lauderdale is a hot place. Will go out later.

This campground is not as friendly as the others. No-one says hi to me or mom. All I see are small yippy french poodles and puffy dogs. Airplanes are going over all the time. No good eating places around here or any grocery stores - just office buildings.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


It was so hot today- I crawled under the rv for shade and to lay in cool sand. Mom took me to a off the leash beach but it smelled like a swamp. Some dogs were misbehaving and fighting and mom decided I didn't need all that excitement. I got sand all over mom's truck. We got caught in a traffic jam and it was boring. Here are some shots of campground... etc.

Monday, February 21, 2011


I didn't do much today- just chillin in my crib. Mom got a grill to cook hamburgers and hot dogs on so I think I will have some good meals soon. Dry food gets boring. I am checking out the neighbors tonight but being friendly in the process- not barking at them just staring. I had a tick near my eye today - mom tried to wipe it away but she had to grab and pull it off. I have 3 collars on now and look really bad.... my regular collar, my prong collar and my shock collar. People are scared just looking at me

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Some really cute dogs here- they are good looking florida babes. I am resting up - just looking at all of them makes the eyes tired. I am chilling in my crib right now and Mom went to the pool to chill. We saw a lighthouse today and the beach so I sniffed and tasted the gulf water - not that great. Spring water is better and colder please. I am a pampered guy you know.
More later