The diary of a pit bull puppy

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Warm weekend in the Poconos. Mom and I left and went up Wednesday night and stayed until Monday. She had a lot of work to do. She washed the decks, emptied the hot tub and painted chairs. Dan, Sharon and Melissa came for a visit too. I got to play with Khlea and played tug of war and chased her around the house. I went on walks with Dan and Sharon and watched Khlea run with Melissa. I saw deer in the back yard and rubbed in their stuff before Mom could catch me.

Mom outsmarted me. She vacummed the rug with a water bottle in one hand aimed at me and the vacuum in the other. I hate that water bottle. I always like to attack, bark at and bite the vacuum. It looks like a monster to me.

Dan was my favorite person this weekend. He hated me to lick him so I always snuck up on him and sneeked one on the leg or on his arm when he was half asleep then he would wrestle me and rough house. He is fun!!!