The diary of a pit bull puppy

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I broke my chain today this morning in NC and just stood there so Mom got me. I got a big hug from Mom and 2 biscuits. While riding in the truck for 4-5 hours, I discovered the back seat is much more comfortable for sleeping than the front seat. My new campsite neighbor has a white pit bull ( a real cutie) and another brown puppy with a hurt leg. It is warmer here but it is like a swamp. Raining all day... Yuck.Going to bed early tonite and exploring Charleston tomorrow.

Friday, February 4, 2011


Mom and I explored the area today. I hate ran- and didn't get out of my seat much. I saw 5 deer in Carolina Beach State Park and wanted to run with them again.... barked at them and they were afraid. I also barked at the sea gulls- big birds. Now I am resting after a long truck ride. I stole some of Mom's onion rings while she was taking a potty break. She didn't get mad - just gave me the look. She loves writing in her purple journal about our adventures.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Mom and I are now in Wilmington, NC- we are going to explore the beaches tomorrow. We have wireless and tv at our campsite and not so many cats and no horses. No snow but not too warm yet. Still have heat on in the camper. I am used to riding in the car- front seat on my blue blanket and mom got dog biscuits for me if I am good. Mom has found that churches have big parking lots and no problem when she has to turn the camper around so we stopped at two today for breaks. She also says a prayer for a safe journey. I hog the bed and mom and I wake up more often. Tonite we will watch a movie and have a snack.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Mom and I are in an rv camping through the southern states. Looking for warm weather so far I rode in a police car last night near Dismal Swamp and military police searched our car near Fort Story/ Little Creek lighthouses. I barked and growled at them - had to protect Mom. This all happenned near Chesapeake, Virginia. Mom also had to visit the Chesapeake Central Library to update my blog. It was a huge library and they even had a bookmobile. Fun stuff. I also barked at a horse statue. Kinda dumb.. Saw horses, cats and other stuff at campsite. Ran after one of the damn cats and scared Mom.
Left Thursday for North Carolina.