The diary of a pit bull puppy

Friday, October 24, 2008

My Mom's new tattoo

My crazy mom created this new tattoo with an online image generator, Image Chef and I hope she isn't going to get it.

Mom has some of my photos on FlickR and Facebook

I must be a cute puppy and I am famous now. The puparazzi will be coming around our house soon and I will bark at them and scare them off. I can show them my tricks while barking at them. I can sit and bark and lay and bark and standup and bark.... Wow - I can't wait to see them.

I have a tummy ache

I ate my older brothers' sock and my stomach didn't like it so much this morning - I got sick. I don't think my brother will get his sock back. I will rest all day and try to remember not to eat anything but my food and treats. No clothing....

Hope Mom takes me on long walk tonight. Last night we went to lake again and saw birds and sniffed other critters. I was on their trail.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Puppy Kindegarten and walk in Kerr Park

Monday was our 6th class of Puppy K. I protected a tiy little white puppy named "Snowy" from the big mean dogs. I kept pushing them away. I did all my tricks right and made my 2 Moms very happy. Next week - we will practice for graduation.
Tuesday-Took a walk around Kerr Park - looked at the creek, watched baseball, ran after a remote car and played in the leaves. Fun time - sniffing around a new place.
Wednesday - barked at my brother when he was working on roof and chased the cats around the house. I still am trying to be their friends but all they do is hiss and swat at me. My nose was sore tonight- very pink.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend with my family

I went kayaking at Marsh Creek with my 2 Moms. The water was really choppy and scary for me. My PFD did not fit me so going out in the boat without was scary too. I kept standing up and rocking the boat and both my Moms were telling me to sit down. The water was cold so I decided to sit down and enjoy the ride. Sunday was a lazy day and I slept alot- both my Moms had things to do around the house. I hate the vacuum cleaner - it is loud and it looks like a monster. I laid on sofa and watched tv. I chased a couple cats and they hissed at me. Oh well - some day they will be my friends. More news tomorrow